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September 2023 Update

Things are happening and we want to give a brief update!

First, we have changed our name from Ruby Coffee + Co to Good Ground Coffee Company!

We want to say that we still truly love everything our first name stands for and are grateful that it allowed us to get this far. We spent time thinking and praying about our plans for the upcoming years and we believe that becoming Good Ground reflects our mission and will allow us the opportunity to grow and expand in the future.

Second, the question we keep getting... when are we going to open? While we don't have an exact date, we do have an estimate that is based on our construction timeline, which should be starting in the next few weeks. We know that with a project this big there are delays that change timelines, many of which we have experienced already. We want to reassure our people that we are working very hard behind the scenes to get things ready to open!

As the journey unfolds, we will show behind-the-scenes of our construction process on our social media as well as our website and our parent non-profit's website. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @goodgroundcoffeecompany to see all the design elements come together! We are excited to share about special little projects we are working on with our amazing partners who are helping us make this dream a reality.

Third, we are still in the midst of our capital campaign, where we are raising enough money to cover the cost of our building and construction costs. Raising this upfront, allows us to dedicate our resources to serving our survivors' immediate needs. If you are interested in learning more about the capital campaign or know someone who would be, feel free to check out this link!

We want to thank everyone who has followed our journey and supported us along the way. This is a community effort and would not be possible on our own. Please comment down below with any questions or feel free to reach out! We would love to chat with you!

Big things are coming so make sure to check back in soon!


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